“I’ve been waiting for this moment, all my life.”

Silversun Pickups
My Birthday Playlist

I love music so much. I can never remember a time at home or in the car when there wasn’t music on in the background.

One of the things I wanted to do when I thought about starting a blog was to share my favorite playlists each week, and these are the ones coming up the most on my Spotify account, so I decided to start with these first.

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I do!

P.S. from Coco’s Mom: First, I want to wish Coco a very happy 12th birthday and thank everyone for making it so special today. Coco has always had this insane ear for music. I like to joke that it is because she had already been to two concerts (Foo Fighters and Velvet Revolver) even before she was born. Welp, I’m at least 50% right because she’s the biggest Foo Fighters fan I know. When I have her friends in the car, I like to let them take turns playing DJ. I love hearing what they come up with, and I am always surprised.