One of my favorite trips was the one I took with my mom to Mayakoba, Mexico over February break. Everything about this trip was perfect. Including the food, so I was excited when they invited me and my mom to a private cooking class to learn how to properly prepare authentic Mexican dishes.

A Delicious Experience: El Pueblito Cooking School

Our cooking class took place inside Mayakoba at the cucina inside the el pueblito. It was without a doubt my favorite part of the trip for so many reasons.

Cooking class in Mayakoba
Look at those peppers!

And if you asked each one of us who participated, I bet you’d hear a different reason why. I loved learning how to make authentic Mexican food with Chef Karla Enciso

She uses only the most delicious farm-to-table ingredients from the farmers’ market, and you can only imagine how amazing the kitchen smelled while we were preparing a feast for a king.

At cooking class, I became immediate friends with a local boy named, Jaime, who was so much fun to prep and cook with. It felt as though we were cooking all day, but I didn’t mind one bit.

Chef Karla, Jaime’s dad, and my stuck around finishing up this amazing lunch while Jaime and I explored the El Pueblito and beyond. He practiced his English on me, and was the official translator of the day. Needless to say,  together our “Spanglish” was on point.

Cooking class in Mayakoba

For hours,  Jaime and I, laughed, shared stories, tried habanero peppers, translated for our parents, and formed lasting friendships. We even flew back a few weeks later to spend time with his entire family!

Cooking class in Mayakoba

The day felt as though we were long lost family celebrating a holiday in the kitchen, rather than a couple of strangers learning to cook the most delicious authentic Mexican meal I’ve ever tasted. So good that I went back the next day to cook with Chef Karla some more!

P.S. from Coco’s Mom: She’s 100% right. This was a really special day on one of our best trips. Definitely our favorite spot in Mexico. There’s something about cooking that is magical. Coming together from different cultures, speaking different languages, around delicious food is something I’m sure to remember for a very long time.