Each year, my parents and I escape to one of my favorite places, the Hotel del Coronado, near San Diego. Not only is it one of the country’s most iconic landmarks, but it’s the one hotel where each visit is more special than the last.

The Hotel Del Coronado

The famous property is a luxury hotel built in the 1920s, and even though it is almost 100 years old, it’s one of the most beautiful hotels in the state, with its own private beach, delicious restaurants, kids’ club, and it is walking distance to the town of Coronado where we like to ride our bikes.

Not only is the town one of the best family-friendly beach destinations, but one of the most beautiful spots in the country. I could not wait to check-in and start enjoying everything the resort had to offer.

I love the small town of Coronado so much because it reminds me of our old neighborhood, Corona del Mar, where I grew up the first years of my life. They are both cute seaside towns where you could walk to our favorite shops and places for dinner.

Home Sweet Home

The Hotel Del always makes me feel right at home. I enjoy wandering around and taking the old fashioned elevator complete with an elevator operator up and down to our room from the beach.

My mom, dad, and I made the ride the car ride down after school one Friday, and made it just in time for sunset. Of all the beach towns I’ve visited, nothing comes close to the sunsets in Coronado.

Watching the sun disappear into the ocean in one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in nature. And one of my favorite things to do, because I know that means one thing: S’MORES.

Eat at Sheerwater Restaurant

But before my parents bring me over to the fire pits for s’more fun, we usually have dinner at Sheerwater, which I love. The food is AMAZING. Whenever we visit, I order as many oysters as I can since I love them so much, but I was still hungry so I ordered the filet which was just as delicious.

It’s hard to decide what to order because it all looks so delicious, so my family each orders something different and we share with each other so we can enjoy a bunch of different things.

And don’t forget the desserts, because the gelato flavors are yummy dnaIt started to get chilly after dinner so we went up to our room. Rumor has it The Hotel Del Coronado is haunted, but the minute I saw our L-shape suite, I was ready to deal with ghosts.

We had a corner suite on the top floor, over looking the beach, with a great balcony right off my bedroom. It was so nice to wake up each morning and sit outside of our room. It was my chance to read while watching the waves break.

Beach Bum

But my absolute favorite part of visiting The Hotel del Coronado is playing on the beach. The water is very calm, but the waves are still big enough that we are able to dive into them, and jump around. I wore my goggles, so I was able to see everything going on underneath the waves. The water is clear, and glittery with gold sparkles.

This happens to be one of my favorite beaches because when I get tired, I would go back to our cabana, pop the umbrella up, and roll up the shades so I could escape the sun, but still watch the waves break right in front of us.

I always look forward to staying at The Hotel Del and I recommend this hotel with your family no matter how old you are. Email me if you’d like to know more about our stay and what to do while in Coronado!

I hope you come here one day and if you do, you will have so much fun.  

Hotel del Coronado | 1500 Orange Avenue | Coronado, CA | (619) 435-6611

P.S. from Coco’s Mom: Coco’s right about The Hotel del Coronado. This resort is magical for families looking to escape the hustle and bustle of every day. It’s a property where we always find ourselves having a great time, and still find time to relax, connect, and enjoy our surroundings.